Our Values

Goodness is shared and multiplied

We strongly believe that goodness should not be hoarded. It needs to be shared, and more importantly, multiplied. Our 'not for profit' definition defies the conventional business principles that look to obtain a consistent positive bottom line, built on aggressive marketing and cut throat competition. Our not for profit aim has the inherent principle of 'collaboration' for growth of other similar organizations, which is the antithesis of competition. Our goal is a healthcare industry minus commercialization, a cancer-aware public, and a healthier, stronger nation. Any organization that wishes to meet this end can join forces with us and create synergies and strengths.


Our driving ideal is our Islamic values. These values teach us to give and share. The Cancer Foundation will be the very emblem of these values. We will not only treat patients but will be consistent with their beliefs. We are Fesabelillah (to earn the pleasure of Allah SWT) and will not generate funds from sources or activities considered objectionable or haram in Islam. We will seek the guidance of Shariah to ensure adherence to these principles.