Our Philosophy

Patient revenues do not drive growth

Our patients will not pay for future growth. We aim to exercise the 'not for profit' principle in its true sense. At the Cancer Foundation Hospital, patients will pay for their treatment costs only. Our quality of care and service will earn us the trust and goodwill of communities and government whose benevolence, in the form of donations and grants will drive our growth and expansion.
  • l Patients will pay for their treatment only

  • Our quality of care and service will earn us trust and goodwill

  • Community and government benevolence in the form of donations and grants, rather than patient revenue will drive our growth and expansion
  • This will be achieved through:

  • Tax exemptions
  • Zero return on investment (ROI)
  • Proactive resource generation
  • Patients who cannot afford treatment at all, will be subsidized mainly by Zakat and to a limited extent by donations
  • The non-zakat donations will be channeled to achieve price reductions system wide
  • Monitored accounting and pricing mechanisms
  • The so called principle of ploughing back 'profits' from services into the system or 'cross subsidizing' other areas, is a faulty concept, in our opinion, as iteventually produces a price spiral. We understand that this is money going out of the same pocket - that of the patient - who is our primary concern. We believe that every opportunity to profit is, in fact, an opportunity to give a subsidy and break to our patients. We shall put in sophisticated accounting mechanisms to ensure that these principles are followed.

    Everyone benefits

    As we use donations to lower the overall price of treatment, this will expand our coverage to the lower income groups by making quality care affordable to them, thereby increasing our patient volumes.
    It is a continuous cycle, whereby lower prices achieve higher volumes that in turn achieve further price reductions as economies of scale and efficiencies are achieved. In the long run, we expect everyone to benefit from donor contributions, whether they are patients of the Foundation or not. When we lower our prices, we expect to set a low price, high quality benchmark. By doing this, we encourage other organizations to meet the 'low price benchmark'.

    Quality is never Compromised

    Price is perceived to be an indicator of quality. We want to change this mindset. Our lower prices will be an indicator of our efficiencies, public support and our non-profit model that will not be achieved by compromising quality. Our quality must satisfy the most wealthy and discerning donors. This same quality care will be made available to the poorest patient arriving at our doors. We expect our patients to receive such a compassionate and quality experience, that they would want to come back to the Foundation to donate and help others like themselves. We understand that quality goals often conflict with profit goals. The Foundation has taken the profit motive out of the equation; hence all our energies are focused on the quality motive alone.

    Equal treatment for all

    We envisage one uniform pricing system for all patients reflected in uniform patient rooms. Every patient is a 'VIP', hence especially designated rooms will not be available. We will foster a culture of quality and care without distinction of class and wealth - a principle rooted in Islamic and medical ethics.