The Clinical Program

Our sole aim is to alleviate suffering. We shall provide:


Our treatment begins with prompt and proper diagnosis. Subsequently, our multidisciplinary medical teams will provide the desired level of intervention to treat the disease. No one should have to fight cancer alone - at the Cancer Foundation, no one will.

Palliative Care

We will alleviate the suffering of our terminal cancer patients and their loved ones. We will have a strong focus in palliative care, pain control, psychological counseling and therapy. The Cancer Foundation will walk with its patients to the very end.

Influencing National Health Care Policy and Legislation

The Foundation aims to globally influence tertiary and primary care, palliative care, cost containment and healthcare standards. We will achieve this by participating in national healthcare policy-making and addressing legislative voids in these areas. The Foundation will actively promote cancer awareness and prevention drives. We will reach out to public places, institutions and households with information designed to improve the general quality of life.